One more round, Jaromir Jagr?


Has Jaromir Jagr looked out of place during this tournament?

The 38 year looked impressive out there against Russia, even giving that last ditch effort after being run over by Alex Ovechkin and I’ve heard many people debate whether he would still be a good fit in today’s NHL.

Impressive Olympic play, fueled by past performances in the NHL and an expiring contract overseas, must have some NHL GM’s pondering whether or not they could lure him back over to this side of the world.

Jagr was the 5th pick in the 1990 NHL draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins (the team he won two Stanley Cups with.) A multiple Art Ross Trophy winner, as well as a Hart Trophy, Lester B. Pearson award, NHL All – Star (seven times ) and Rookie All – Star. Jagr is also the recipient of many international awards and holds many NHL records that still stand today.

Jagr has a total of 1273 NHL games under his belt with 645 goals and 953 assists. He has amassed five 100+ point NHL seasons and five additional 90+ seasons in his 17 NHL seasons.

Jagr has already stated that he is unsure whether he would even return to the NHL:

“I signed for two years and in three months my contract expires and then I’m going to make a decision what’s going to happen next. I’m not going to tell you I miss or I don’t miss (the NHL) because I said I’m not going to do it.”

Which doesn’t give NHL fans very must optimism about a return, but if the price is right it may not be an unconceivable notion considering a lot of us still remember his comments from early 2009:

“I was excited when I heard that Edmonton pushed pretty hard to get me and I really appreciate it. And if I ever go there [the NHL], they would be my No. 1 pick because they showed me the interest first”.

Perhaps the Oilers (who look to be sellers come the 2010 trade deadline) can free up some cap space too offer Jagr some incentive ($$$) to come to North America which would certainly please a majority of fans (not just talking about Oiler fans.) They have the ability to (depending on what the choose to do at the deadline) offer him enough money and a top spot for him to play at (something he said he would want if he choose to come back.) Lets face it the Oilers need someone to play in that top spot and give the fans someone to cheer about.

Of course the Oilers aren’t the only team (presumably) who would have some interest in Jagr. A young team like the L.A. Kings might want to look add adding his veteran services, or how about the Pittsburgh Penguins (although his role there may not be as impactful.)

Where do you think Jaromir Jagr will end up playing?

Will he stay in the KHL?

Will the Oilers make a push to for him?

Can he compete in the NHL of today?

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