Snap Shots: July 22, 2010

Alan Walsh , who represents about 40 players though the Los Angeles-based Octagon sports agency, told the Denver Post the market will open up after Kovalchuk is officially locked up.

  • Puckking: I don’t think we will see the flood doors open as soon as Kovalchuk gets resigned but the few teams interested will have to get their “plan B” ready. As more players head to arbitration and teams find out how much they have left to spend we will see the next tier of players finding a home.
The New York Islanders have shot down a rumour that goaltender Rick DiPietro suffered a broken shoulder and pelvis in a car accident, stating that the report was a complete fabrication.
  • Puckking: At this point would anyone be surprised…(or care?)
The Blue Jackets and the agent for defenseman Anton Stralman will likely re-engage contract talks later this week, but there are no indications that a deal will be reached before Wednesday’s arbitration hearing.

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