The King is back

Reluctantly, I was taken away from my igloo (up here in Canada) where I bring the news to Hockey Jabber to spend some time with the family on my vacation. With those long droning days by the pool behind me I’m ready to get back to the NHL excitement…what it’s STILL the offseason?!

A few things were brought to my attention while I was away, things that so far I’ve neglected to talk about, and questions on whether or not I’d be covering certain topics.

The video game franchises (EA and 2k) have been asked about a dew times, so (by popular demand) I’ll now be bringing you and news/previews on the game franchises (a new category has been added.) I will be posting a summary soon on the news that’s already out there (I’ll filter out the useless crap) so if these games are your things be sure to check here.

Also I’ve been asked if I was planing to post on fantasy hockey. I was never the fantasy hockey type, but last season I joined a league with a few friends and I had a good time. This year I’ll probably do the same but I feel like I need to bring in someone with more knowledge on the subject, so if your interested I’ll post an email address below where you can get a hold of me at and we will see what we can do.

This also goes for anyone else who wants to get involved with Hockey Jabber. If you want to submit an article (once a day, week, month) drop me a line and we will discuss how your articles can get posted and seen by not only the regulars who visit Hockey Jabber but the hundreds who visit Sports Jabber (and the hundreds more who see it on bleacher, yardbark, etc.)