Snap Shots: July 27, 2010

“There’s nothing imminent. But that can change with one phone call. We’re continuing to listen on Tomas Kaberle. Needless to say, nothing has come across that we would do. It’s not an auction where we take the best deal. We’re going to take a deal only if it makes sense or we’re going to keep the player.”

The Star

A lot of people are expecting changes at Hockey Night in Canada with Trevor Pilling replacing Sherali Najak as executive producer, but Pilling is facing an uphill battle. There is no way that Pilling can eliminate or change the popular Coach’s Corner segment.

Montreal Gazette

  • Puckking: Controversy creates cash. Love him or hate him Don Cherry gets people talking.

Brian Burke is not willing to exploit a loophole in the CBA that appears to favour deep-pocketed teams, one where players could be paid while they are retired, just to lower and eventually erase their cap hits.

  • Puckking: If there was a team that could do a deal like this it would be Toronto you have to respect (or shake your head at) Burke.

Talbot didn’t mince words, calling Ovechkin “a real douche.”

“I just hate the guy,” a laughing Talbot told deejays on Pittsburgh radio station 105.9 The X.

  • Puckking: Interesting to see how Ovechkin reacts (I’m guessing the Russian is going to laugh it off), but just in case watch your knees Talbot.
Anton Stralman’s agent, Marc Levine, traveled from Sweden to the United States on Monday, and is currently in flight to Toronto for Wednesday’s arbitration hearing.

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