Snap Shots: July 27, 2010

“There’s nothing imminent. But that can change with one phone call. We’re continuing to listen on Tomas Kaberle. Needless to say, nothing has come across that we would do. It’s not an auction where we take the best deal. We’re going to take a deal only if it makes sense or we’re going to keep the player.”

The Star

A lot of people are expecting changes at Hockey Night in Canada with Trevor Pilling replacing Sherali Najak as executive producer, but Pilling is facing an uphill battle. There is no way that Pilling can eliminate or change the popular Coach’s Corner segment.

Montreal Gazette

  • Puckking: Controversy creates cash. Love him or hate him Don Cherry gets people talking.

Brian Burke is not willing to exploit a loophole in the CBA that appears to favour deep-pocketed teams, one where players could be paid while they are retired, just to lower and eventually erase their cap hits.

  • Puckking: If there was a team that could do a deal like this it would be Toronto you have to respect (or shake your head at) Burke.

Talbot didn’t mince words, calling Ovechkin “a real douche.”

“I just hate the guy,” a laughing Talbot told deejays on Pittsburgh radio station 105.9 The X.

  • Puckking: Interesting to see how Ovechkin reacts (I’m guessing the Russian is going to laugh it off), but just in case watch your knees Talbot.
Anton Stralman’s agent, Marc Levine, traveled from Sweden to the United States on Monday, and is currently in flight to Toronto for Wednesday’s arbitration hearing.

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Rumors & Trades (Mar.2)

Tomas Kaberle

Not going anywhere?…

Teams hoping that Tomas Kaberle will waive his NTC may be disappointed at the end of the day tomorrow. According to Kaberle’s agent, Rick Curran: “It’s as it always has been. He would prefer to stay in Toronto, forever, hopefully.” This is the last season that Kaberle controls his fate on deadline day because his NTC is conditional based on the Leafs making the playoffs this year. Assuming that the Leafs don’t make the playoffs (the currently sit in last place in the Eastern Conference, back 15 points from 8th) Kaberle will no longer be able to use his NTC.

Odd man out?…

Kyle Wellwood

The Vancouver Canucks may be looking to ship out one (or two) players come Wednesday. Canuck coach Alain Vigneault recently talkedabout his third line: “Wefeel we’ve got two pretty good lines and we think we can really have a strong fourth line with grit and toughness. So then you look at our third line and you say to yourself, if we could upgrade a little bit it would help our team.” Many people believe that it’s the undersized center Kyle Wellwood that needs to be moved as the Canucks have had issues with him for the past two season. Yet Steve Bernier, who came in with high expectations last year and has failed to come into his own on the offensive front, maybe be feeling some heat.

Toni Lydman

Out with the old?….

The Buffalo Sabres may end up trading two of their 30+ year old defensemen between now and the end of the trade deadline tomorrow. 31 year old Henrik Tallinder and 32 year old Toni Lydman both realize that as veteran defensemen with expiring contracts the odds of them being moved are high. “Whatever jersey I put on after Wednesday, that’s who I work for” Lydman said on Monday with Tallinder saying almost the same thing when asked about the situation “It could be a little bit tough if you get traded, but that’s part of the business.”

Dan Hamhuis

Hamhuis close?….

A league source has said the Flyers are close to completing a deal with the Nashville Predators for defenseman Dan Hamhuis, possibly pending Riley Cote’s andDanny Syvret’s waiver status at noon today. Dan Hamhuis becomes a UFA at the end of this season and has a cap hit of $2 million, it is believe that the Nashville Predators will receive Ryan Parent in return from the Flyers. The Flyers have also expressed interest in Alexander Frolov (LA) and Raffi Torres (CLB).

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Rumors & Trades (Feb. 26)


Vyacheslav Kozlov

Unhappy Kozlov?

Vyacheslav Kozlov has apparently requested a trade and too a contender. Kozlov is a bit flustered with his lack of playing time. The 37 year old has eight goals and sixteen assists in 52 games so far this season and is slated to become an unrestricted free agent. I’m not sure which team would be willing to deal in order toget Kozlov. Apparently he wants more playing time but which contender out there will satisfy that, Nashville?

Dan Ellis
Dan Ellis

What about Ellis?

Wednesday the Nashville Predators announced that they resigned Pekka Rinne to a two – year 6.8 million dollar deal, what does this mean for Dan Ellis? The 29 year old net minder has a 13 – 11 – 1 record this year with a .913 save percentage and a 2. 59 goals against average.The Blackhawk were looking at Turco before Alex Auld was send down, with a cheap cap hit could we see Ellis packaged up and shipped off at the deadline?


Alexei Ponikarovsky

Bye – Bye Poni?

People are almost in unanimous agreement that Alexei Ponikarovsky will be moved come the trade deadline, heck even Ponikarovsky believes it will probably happen,“Whatever management decides, I have to respect their decision” was a part of a quote from the Toronto Star today. Ponikarovsky (along with Tomas Kaberle if he decides to waive his NTC) are believed to fetch a high return for the rebuilding Leafs.

Huet out?


Cristobal Huet

Cristobal Huet seems to be unshaken that the trade deadline is coming up and that  he may be shipped off the second place team in the Western Conference.”Yes, we have a good team. Yes, we [goalies] have given up some shots. But look at the games to see if we have helped the team win, and I think the answer is yes. Stats are stats. We both have a large number of wins compared to losses [Huet is 24-11-4 and Niemi is 17-4-1] and we’re pretty much getting the job done.” Coach Joel Quenneville doesn’t seem as confident in Huet “We’re close to where somebody is going to get the net and the opportunity to keep it, that was the chance, (Niemi) took it and he has it. He has won some games and I don’t like usually bucking that trend.”

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